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Undiagnosed PTSD or ADHD

My boyfriend moved back in with his mentally (used to be physically) abusive family overseas for a few years due to finances. He went to a therapist once and told me they just told him he’s being selfish. I researched afterwards and heard lots of bad things about the mental healthcare there, so it might be another year or 2 until he can move here and get a good doctor, but I’m pretty sure he has PTSD (shuts down or has crying fits from stress, gets stomach issues and physically ill from stress, gets flashbacks and has to keep busy to avoid thinking about them, wakes up in the middle of the night crying over nightmares about when he was a child, gets irritable and triggered over certain topics on his family or certain phrases etc.)…

I told him about my mom’s PTSD and said it seems like he might have it. He said it sounds similar, then researched why he doesn’t have motivation and is now saying it must be ADHD, not PTSD. I was trying to research ways to help both of us deal with his mental state, and some coping techniques like mindfulness that I thought might help him for now, but he got this idea that… (continued)

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