And the Best Supporting act goes to...women.

Sunday was Oscars night, the 91st Academy Awards, and because I don't have Sky TV I had to rely on reading it about it online in the days that followed.

I was so stoked about it being a record-breaking night for women with fifteen female wins but what was most refreshing was seeing, in the mainstream media, the positive coverage around women supporting women and female empowerment.

Like Serena Williams inspiring narration in the debut of Nike’s brilliant "Dream crazier ad" about trailblazing female athletes, Emma Stone cheer-leading her category competitor Ramina de Tavira and that photo of new besties Madonna and Gaga at the Material Girl's Oscars afterparty that (hopefully) will put to bed the media stories around their "rift".

There's usually so much press around "feuding females" that I'm glad for anything that changes this narrative. From Gaga and Madonna to Meghan and Kate, even down to female superheroes Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman, the media, especially in the UK, love nothing more than to pit one woman against another, stoking the narrative that women just cannot get along.

I wrote before about how the 'power of the pack' amongst women is not only good for bolstering our self worth, but good for our careers too and, amongst all the women I talk to, the overall sentiment is that the energy of women helping women is at an all-time high.

There is real power in the combined voice of women. So it’s exciting to see that the "era of women" is building momentum and that Hollywood is feeling it too.