Taking a moment

Did anyone else miss the "Super Blood Wolf Moon" on Sunday/Monday this week? Somehow this rare and staggeringly beautiful incident totally passed me by until the next day when I fell down a rabbit hole of amazing photos and reactions to it on the news, Twitter, Instagram etc.

For those as oblivious as I am, every January a full moon called the "Wolf Moon" occurs, but this year it coincided with the total lunar eclipse (sometimes called a "Blood Moon") which takes place less than once a year. The timing collision produced a stunning sight that was witnessed and recorded in awe around the world.

Most of us can remember a time when we’ve experienced wonderment and awe - the birth of a child, listening to an incredible personal story, seeing a landscape covered in unbroken snow or discovering something amazing in our work. It's a remarkable and powerful experience and I totally buy into the study that found being in awe of something greater than oneself promotes pro-social behaviour.

But what I loved most about all the posts about the Super Blood Wolf Moon was how the sheer wonderment of it connected people across the World. The connectedness of having people from so many different cultures and walks of life experience something amazing together globally, at the same time? That moment of unity in itself is so rare and beautiful in our current climate of division that I really hope we don't have to wait until the next total lunar eclipse in 2021/22 to have another moment like it again.

In the meantime, our community (and the new merged feed view in the new version of the Shello app that finally went live this week) are waiting to connect with you.