Office Style Advice From Your Female Friends

Knowing what to wear at the office can be tricky sometimes and having some good female friends to ask for advice can be a life saver. Not to worry, that’s what we are here for. From style tips for a job interview to the best brands for workplace wear, your trusted female friends at Shello have got you covered.

The tips below were taken from conversations on Shello, given from members to members, so you can get the best advice possible and also a taste of what kinds of things you will find on Shello.

Shello is available to download on the    App Store    and    Google Play

Shello is available to download on the App Store and Google Play

Job Interview Style

Making a good first impression at your job interview can make a huge difference and picking the right outfit can do wonders for you. Depending on the job, you want to look like you’ve made an effort but not overdo it. Ideally your goal should be to have similar style to the person interviewing you, so they can easily imagine you as part of their team. However, since you can’t always know what that style is going to be exactly, here are some tips from your Shello girl friends.

A pair of smart trousers should be a staple in any woman’s wardrobe as you can dress them up or down with your top and shoes. For a smarter option, a chiffon shirt and some nice heels will look put together and elegant. If you’d rather dress down the look, a pair of books, a graphic tshirt and a well fitted blazer will show that you are fun, creative but still mean business.


Office Style

Office style tends to vary a lot between companies and finding the perfect pieces usually takes time. Looking at your colleagues and what they wear on a day to day basis can be great inspiration and you can be sure you’ll fit in well with the team.

Alternatively, asking your female friends to go shopping with you, especially if you work in similar industries, is a great help, because you can see which items they will pick out and get their opinion of what looks good on you and helps you achieve the look you want. Remember, your true friends will not hesitate to tell you what looks good and what doesn’t.

Looking online at fashion blogs and youtube style videos is also a great source of ideas and information and if you are hesitant at first you can always start with basics in black, white, navy and cream and build your office wardrobe from there. Remember to keep it simple, stylish and well fitting and you’ll look great in any office situation.


Best Brands To Shop From

Now you know the style, it’s time to find out where to go find the items you need. Your easiest option for office wear is to look online on ASOS. There is a variety of brands and the styles go from casual to smart, so whatever your work dress code is you are bound to find something appropriate.

Reiss is a great option for smart and stylish items, that are also feminine and elegant. Their tailoring is quite sharp and quite the favourite among the Shello ladies. Next and JCrew are also great options for work wear that you can wear when you go out as well, taking you from the office to the after work drinks looking perfect.

Finally any girl friends will tell you that stocking up on your basics is always a good option. Zara and River Island always have some beautiful pieces, white shirts with elegant designs like lace trims, mesh panels or ribbon details that can make your average work shirt look like high fashion.

Did you find this advice helpful? Got more things to add? Come and share your tips in the Fashion & Style group in Shello.