#MeToo: Why Alyssa Milano’s Hashtag Is Not For Women Only


Over the past day women on twitter, instagram and facebook have been sharing their personal experiences with sexual abuse, using the hashtag #MeToo. While there has been an overwhelming show of support from other women, who have been through similar situations and know exactly how these experiences feel, only few men have acknowledged the issue.

The hashtag itself got started by actress Alyssa Milano, who in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, wanted to show the sheer volume of sexual abuse and harassment women are facing daily. The hashtag has gathered the support of numerous female celebrities, with Lady Gaga and Anna Paquin amongst them, and has spread to all women across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


As women, we have come to expect sexual abuse and objectification in a variety of situations, from the odd comment as we walk down the street to men trying to grab and kiss us when you’re at a club. While many of us think that we can handle it it’ still shocking to see how many women have posted their experiences.

Stories of rape, sexual abuse, total disregard for consent and emotional abuse have come tumbling out. The worst part was how many of these stories were from women barely in their 20s or whose abuse experiences started from as young as 4 years old, with the majority when they were around 13 to 15 years old.


What #MeToo has done is demonstrated how important it is for women to speak up, but also men too, and call our acts of abuse and harassment when they see them instead of letting it carry on in silence or with acceptance.

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