Happiness is...

As the saccharine sweet adverts promoting Christmas get underway, the one that has gone viral is the heart-breakingly poignant "Love is a Gift" story by videographer Phil Beastall depicting a man counting down the days to open a gift of a recorded message from his late mother.

Made for just £50, it is a wonderful reminder that our ultimate happiness depends on family and loved ones more than from the things we own or strive for.

Of course there are whole bunch of other things that can give our happiness a boost, from working out to eating chocolate or snuggling up with a pet. And these days you can even sign up on a free Science of Happiness course online!

But an almost 80 year old Harvard Study has proved that embracing community, more than money and fame, is what keeps people happy throughout their lives. And there is also scientific research proving the secret to happiness is in helping others.

Both of these findings makes sense because, on Shello we're witnessing a beautiful community emerging, creating a sense of belonging for everyone that posts by donating their time and the benefit of their collective wisdom and experiences to support, uplift and encourage.

Although some painful experiences are being shared, alongside lighter and brighter topics, the resounding sentiment is one of positivity because through talking about our challenges we heal ourselves. So, if you're feeling a little low and need a boost of happiness, come share it with the community and let us help. Download the app today.