Here for you this holiday time

After today's post I'll be taking a break for the next couple of weeks until the new year. The holiday season for me is a time to reflect on the year gone past, to try and do as little as I can and to have as peaceful time as possible.

But, as we all know, Christmas and everything that goes with it can be a stressful time with new research commissioned by Google placing everything from family to finances in the top 10 things that casue a festive freak out.

For many, spending time with family we don't often see can be a real delight but, even with the closest of families, navigating tensions, whether they're around differing political views or old arguments re-surfacing, can be difficult and upsetting. Even more difficult to navigate is if you're spending it with your partner's family and you don't like them. And on the flip side, for many many more of us, the extended break can really highlight feelings of loneliness and sadness particularly if you are spending it alone or grieving a loss.

So, although I hope that every one of us has a picture perfect time, IF you find yourself feeling frustrated, bored, low or in need of some support this festive period then remember that you have a community on Shello who are are here and willing to do just that. I added a 'Festive support post' in the Shello group so add us to your groups and post (or vent) whatever's on your mind. I promise, just the act of getting it off your chest will help :)

For now, sending you love and light and I look forward to writing my next post in the new year.