Why women only?

In the tech & startup world there's a highly respected news and community website called Hacker News that focuses on computer science and entrepreneurship. It's a valuable community of people who share links and stories from around the web, and part of it is showing and getting feedback on what you've been working on.

So this week I submitted a “Show HN” post about Shello and received some great questions and support. But there was one guy whose response totally solidified my belief that women-only spaces are not only what we need but what we deserve, if only to escape from the haranguing of male privilege. Here's what "blueadept111" had to say (or you can read the full thread here) with my posts starting with a red asterisk:

Image 1.png
Image 2.png
Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 11.02.56.png

'nuff said.