Women that need our help

I'm changing the format of this weekend's post because over the last few weeks the volume of questions and topics being posted on Shello has been the highest we've ever seen and, although we know our community are super-fast to help each other, the current design with you having to jump between groups means some are not getting seen.

We're working on an easier way to stay up to date and soon you'll have a new home screen where you'll see all the new and active posts from each of your groups merged into one feed.

In the meantime, below is some of what our community have been asking and if you can take a few minutes today to draw from your personal and professional experience to share your thoughts I know they would appreciate it:

BODY MATTERS: Late 40s and hate my boobs, anyone had surgery?
"My kids are grown-up and I have a successful career but I always have a..."

NUTRITION: Anyone tried a diet to improve body composition?
"I'm trying to decrease body fat and increase muscle. Have done good..."

WORK & CAREER: Career advice
"I have recently graduated in Psychology and I'm struggling to get into the..."

POLITICS & SOCIETY: Emotions  after Kavanaugh case
"So many of my peers and I have a huge sense of disillusionment and anger..."

TRAVEL: Heading to Dubai alone
"Hey ladies, I'm heading to Dubai and staying on my own there in early December..."

MARRIEDS: How do you say goodbye
"I want to end my marriage of 40 years. I just don't love my husband like I should and.."

PETS & ANIMALS: My pooch
"Hey all, wondering if there are any chihuahua owners on here that have a..."

STUDENTS: Accounting students
"Hi all, looking to meet some people also studying Accounting or CIMA..."

WORK & CAREER: Career step after kids
"I'm a stay at home mum who has had a career break for 4 years, I recently..."

MOTHERHOOD: Step-mamas - let's be friends!"
Hi all, I'm a young 24 year old step-mama to a wonderful 5 year old..."

TRAVEL: Staying in Chicago for 3 months
"Hi I am Czech and new in Chicago.. anybody know about social places here.."

MARRIEDS: Advice please
"I'm in a 22 year relationship and my partner has cheated on me once but..."

BODY MATTERS: Magnets for menopause symptoms
"Anyone using or tried the magnets you can pop in your undies for PMS? I.."

MONEY & FINANCE: Anyone heard of the Plum app?
"I heard of the plum app on fab messenger to help save money. Does anyone.."

TRAVEL: Alaska trip
"Hi ladies I am planning a trip to Alaska, I was thinking of going in March..."

GEEKS: Anyone else play Fallout?
"Anyone on here play Fallout 3, NV or 4? I love all three of those! The story.."

If a friend of yours has experience with any of the above and you think they'd be happy to share their advice, we'd really appreciate you inviting them to join us on Shello.