Kara Goldin - How solving a problem for herself created a successful business

It is often said that the best business ideas come from solving a real problem. That is true in Kara Goldin’s case, who came up with a way for her to enjoy fruit flavoured water without worrying about fattening additives found in the usual water brands. The idea caught on, grew and became Hint, a healthy lifestyle brand, that has done away with artificial flavourings and preservatives and is taking over the market. Hint has grown beyond just flavoured water, to fizzy drinks, even a natural sunscreen without a suspected carcinogenic ingredient found in other brands.

Goldin has admitted she never expected to run a beverage company, after her impressive career working for Time Magazine, CNN and AOL, but she believes in chasing after a good idea when it comes. She has because of that become a role model for many women in business. Her advice to other female entrepreneurs is to look for things that are wrong with the world and then come up with the best way to solve them. That, for her, is the best way to success.

“What I find, being a woman, is that we think about things naturally as solving problems.” -    Goldin, Forbes   .  Image courtesy of fabulousarizona.com

“What I find, being a woman, is that we think about things naturally as solving problems.” - Goldin, Forbes. Image courtesy of fabulousarizona.com

It appears that big companies like Google and Facebook are already behind Goldin’s idea, stocking their Silicon Valley offices with her beverages and encouraging their employees to drink more water and less soda. This aligns with the general trend of ‘good for you’ products we are seeing recently and presents itself as a great opportunity for women to enter this space and launch healthy lifestyle businesses.

Here on Shello we have seen many conversations between our members, looking for ways to improve their diet and look after what they put in their body and Goldin’s Hint beverages are a great way to start switching to a healthier diet. To join in the conversation about Nutrition download the Shello app today.

Sanchita Saha