Female friendship is good for our health

I came across a beautiful news story this week of how three single mothers, with six children between them, ended up living together in a "mum commune" and creating one big happy family, turning what could be a difficult experience into one filled with joy, laughter and friendship.


It highlighted wonderfully how resourceful women are and how supportive they can be towards each other and it turns out that female friendship is actually good for our health with the Head of Psychiatry at Stanford University saying:

"One of the best things a man could do for his health is to be married to a woman, whereas for a woman, one of the best things she could do for her health is to nurture her relationship with her girlfriends."

According to science it's to do with releasing more oxytocin but with more of us re-locating with work, or busy with our careers, relationships, kids and life in general, seeing and spending time with friends isn't always an option.

That's where Shello comes in. If ever you feel like you need some female connection or have something on your mind, there is always someone in the app that is willing to talk about it. So if you haven't visited in a while, come by and give it a go.

We have lots of women sharing their experiences on single parenting in Shello so if you feel like you’d like some support or have some challenges you’d like help with you can post it anonymously or openly to crowd-source advice from our thoughtful and compassionate community.