Going Solo: Travelling alone as a female

I’ve really enjoyed reading the many threads on travelling alone in the Travel group on Shello lately because it revealed again how strong, adventurous and supportive our community of women are and how much I can learn from them.

As holiday season draws to a close, the honest advice and positive experiences I read prompted me to address the fears that have held me back from travelling by myself in the past and consider facing them head on next year with a solo adventure.

Apparently the number of solo travellers has increased massively in the last few years and this puts me more at ease because, as a sociable sort of person, my main worry about going away alone is feeling lonely

And, as well as the community on Shello to turn to for advice, I've found there are a whole heap of helpful and supportive articles out there including this one on the best countries for solo travellers which has got me feeling excited about where to start.

In the meantime, to whet our wanderlust, Elisa, Cat and I took off on a mini-adventure this week, boating along a canal with colleagues from our co-working space. Here's my favourite snap from our awesome exploit :)


Feel free to comment on the threads and share your own travel advice and experiences wherever you have been. Or point any friends who need support or encouragement to go on that solo adventure over to the app.