10 Women Reveal How They Met Their Best Friend

Our mission here at Shello is to connect women with other women locally and give them the platform to chat and find other women with the same interests, ask and give advice and support each other.

Shello is available to download on the   App Store   and   Google Play

Shello is available to download on the App Store and Google Play

During our research, we asked women how they met with their BFFs and here is what they told us!

  1. I met my best friend at university. We were both lost trying to find our class and it turned out we were both at the same class. It went on from there and we even lived together in our second and third year. — Rebecca, 21

  2. We were doing the same internship at publishing house. She eventually got the job but we kept in touch and eventually became quite good friends because we loved all the same books. — Julia, 24

  3. We actually grew up in the same neighbourhood in Birmingham. I was in the year above and we were not friends as kids. After we came back from uni we met at the pub and it turned out we were both moving to London so we decided to go out there since we didn’t know people yet. In the end we became best friends. — Jessica, 25

  4. I moved up here without knowing anybody but I ended up having three incredible flatmates. We all became a group together and would go out together. It was perfect for girls nights out. Two of them now are engaged and have moved in with their fiances and we all get to be each other’s bridesmaids. — Siobhan, 29

  5. It may sound weird, but we actually met at the supermarket. I left my ID at home because I never get IDed and then suddenly the guy asks me for my ID for a bottle of pinot and I was trying to talk my way out of it. Then Lucy comes out of nowhere pretending to be my friend and shows her ID to him. I played along since I didn’t want to go back home just to get it and then we got chatting. I saw her a few more times while shopping and eventually we decided to have a proper girls night. — Moira, 26

Shello is available to download on the   App Store   and   Google Play

Shello is available to download on the App Store and Google Play

  1. We met online, on reddit. We were discussing Ed Sheeran and his songs for a few months and when the tickets got released we both got them and decided to go together since we didn’t have anyone else to go with. — Shirley, 31

  2. We met on holiday in Spain. Turns out we both lived in London and worked in Central so we kept in touch and met up when we got back. — Natalie, 24

  3. I went to one of those professional networking events and I was alone and so was she so we got talking and we got each other’s sense of humour. We didn’t do much networking on that night but we talked about everyone else in that room. — Rachael, 35

  4. I am a young mom so I can’t go out as much as I did before and I lost touch with most of my former friends. However I have met some lovely moms in my area that we get together and out kids can play while we can have a glass of wine. I think having someone who understands what you’re going through as a best friend is very important. — Tracey, 25

  5. We met at the gym. I was not particularly motivated to go but then we’d joke before and after class and it became an activity that I just do with her and I somehow ended up enjoying all of it. — Judy, 29

    So meeting a friend can happen anywhere, from the supermarket to the gym, work or even on holiday. All you need to do is be open to it. And if you want to take a more hands on approach and find some women to chat with, Shello is available to download on the App Store and Google Play!