About us


Shello’s simple goal is to help women source independent and impartial knowledge and advice on any topic relevant to their lives and to create a safe space to explore their ideas, opinions and interests. A place where women can unashamedly be themselves and ask any question, either anonymously or openly, without fear of reprisal.

Our mission is to empower women through community and shared knowledge and the warmth of the global network of women on Shello and their willingness to help and support each other without expectation means new connections are a beautiful by-product of what we do.


The app launched in private beta in late 2018 and was founded by entrepreneur Sanchita Saha. As a Maths grad with a decade-long career in technology as a sole female founder, her experience of the struggles she faced in finding a network of women to turn to for advice and support along the way, plus the results of research conducted with the growing number of women joining her first startup Citysocializer to connect with women-only groups, motivated her to create Shello.

Recognising that women today lead busy and multi-faceted lives, her vision was to create a single place online where women can search or ask for information around every aspect of their lives - from their careers, finances, family and relationships to their fitness goals, fertility and everything in between - and quickly crowd-source knowledge, advice or support from a global and experienced female network.

And, because online communities today can be toxic environments for women, the way Shello works has been designed as an antidote to this with a thoughtful and compassionate community that listens, supports and advises without judgement.

As well as female empowerment, Sanchita is passionate about people connections and building communities. She founded her first startup Citysocializer, an online to offline friendship site and community tackling the issue of loneliness for young professionals, in 2009. Raising £1.5m from investors including PROfounders Capital and EC1 Capital, Citysocializer is still active today in cities including London and New York.