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Shello’s simple goal is to enable women to quickly source the skills, knowledge and advice they need to enrich and advance at work, at home and at life in general, using the collective power of a global female network.

Our mission is to build the world’s largest female knowledge and skills-base to empower women through collaboration, support and a willingness to help that women thrive at.

Shello was founded by tech entrepreneur Sanchita Saha who, after a decade studying and working in the male-dominated arenas of Maths and Technology, recognised that what helped her achieve her goals and overcome challenges, both professionally and personally was overwhelmingly the assistance and support she received from her female network.

Web 3.0 has been defined as “connective intelligence; connecting data, concepts, applications and ultimately people” - Women 3.0 is how we define collective female intelligence for the advancement of women.

Women helping and supporting each other is ingrained in our behaviour and Shello is envisioned as a way to extend the value and intelligence that women have to offer, in return for the help that we need, beyond our own networks out to a global female network.