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On Shello, women ask questions or start discussions, either anonymously or openly, about the things that matter to them. We’ve created a safe and private space to source personal and professional advice from a global network of women.

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Whether you have a decision to make about your career or a relationship, what you eat, where you travel, your hobbies, health or wealth, the Shello community share their personal and professional advice with impartiality and without judgement.

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And it’s not all serious. We like to have fun too. The openness and honesty of women on Shello and their willingness to help and support others means new connections are a beautiful by-product of what we do. We’re a community, not just a platform.

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the app Created by women for women

Shello was founded to create a sanctuary for women to share their questions, knowledge and views without the judgement, harassment and abuse they can often face online today. We prioritise understanding and respect, with a supportive and engaged community for women to seek information and advice, share their experiences and knowledge and grow their female network in the process.

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