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Post any question (anonymously or openly) and crowd-source free and impartial information and advice from a credible community of women with the personal and professional experience to help. From career challenges, financial advice, travel recommendations and relationship dilemmas to beauty tips, body matters, mental health and everything in between.

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Shello is a place where women trade what they know to support, empower and lift each other up. Whether you have your own business, have travelled a lot, are a whizz with makeup, have a passion for fashion or blog about nutrition, use the knowledge and experience that’s unique to you to answer questions, and others will do the same for you when you need it.

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Add groups to your home feed to browse and learn new things about the topics that interest you. Discover information and recommendations from likeminded women passionate about the same things that you are and trade experiences and learnings to improve, enrich and grow.

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Whatever makes you “you”, add tags to your profile and we can show what you have in common with others. Discover women whose questions or answers you value and chat privately one to one to build new female friendships and connections in a natural and organic way.


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The app created by women for women

Shello was founded to create a sanctuary for women to share their questions, knowledge and views without the judgement, harassment and abuse they can often face online today. We prioritise understanding and respect, with a supportive and engaged community for women to seek information and advice, share their experiences and knowledge and grow their female network in the process.

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